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            Our vision is:


            To learn be yourself.

            To learn live with others.

            To learn communicate.

            And to learn how to learn.


            At Mojzesovo-CernikPrimary School we aim to provide:


            • a broad, balanced and meaningful curriculum
            • an attractive and modern school creating pleasant environment for our pupils and for the staff
            • a happy, safe environment for each child to develop physically and intellectually
            • a good foundation for the next stage of learning

            At Mojzesovo–Cernik Primary School we aim to encourage:


            • children to develop enquiring minds
            • children to develop assertive communication skills
            • children to assess their skillson employment market


            Basic information


            Our school is situated between two villages Mojzesovo and Cernik. The children from both villages attend the school with the role of 191 pupils. They range in age between 6 to 15. The school was first opened in 1965 and an extensive programme of building improvements took place during 2009. The school has a continuous programme of improvements. The school has got two buildings. One designated for the classes of Year 1 up to Year 4 and the other building accommodates Year 5 up to Year 9 classes. The classes are modern and some of them are equipped with interactive whiteboards and projection facilities. For the use of computer literacy class students can use large computer room with computers available to all. There´s also a room available for the purpose of Design and Technology Classes and newly renovated kitchen as well.


            The school premises also consist of out-door playing space and a small field adjoining the playground: the surface of the grass is, however, still uneven. Though the premises are pleasant and well-kept and children are happy to use the green area in nice weather.  The school also has a big gym and school canteen. Although we are mainstream school we have an experience of working with children with special educational needs and such children are always welcome at our school. There are always exciting activities taking place at our school. This web site aims to give you a taster of the school, as well as providing regular updated information for both parents and pupils. The school offers a large choice of after school activities such as: drama classes, environmental education, basketball and table tennis etc. In 2002 our school was awarded with „Healthy School“  award and since 2009 we have participated in national project called „School fruit“.





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      • Základná škola Mojzesovo - Černík
      • zsmojzesovo@azet.sk
      • 035/657 8001 PaedDr. Stanislav Petráš - riaditeľ Mgr. Janka Laurová - zástupkyňa, mobil: 0905 230 538 Bc. Dominika Sojková - tajomníčka, účtovníčka, PAM, mobil: 0910 908 661 Miriam Teplanová - vedúca jedálne mobil: 0911 789 845
      • 941 04 Mojzesovo č. 505 Slovakia
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